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Often the programming is not possible, because the consciousness is focused on the wrong things. Instead of being focused on the positive feeling of success in your programming, you wallow in negative thoughts like "I can not do that", "That's not possible", or "the cost is too high," etc.

Since it is not always easy to separate from these thoughts or feelings, in order to focus on the real target, below there are some tools listed.


The Visionboard is used to direct your focus more on your goals, to give the brain the information that your wishes are also important. The Visionboard can be performed for example as a bulletin board to which you attach pictures of your wishes. (holidays, dream job, dream partner, etc.) This board should then be positioned where you often stay, or where you often have your attention.

A visionboard can also be a screen saver that presents your desire over and over again.

It would also be possible to use a digital picture frame, or a key fob that stores images (similar to the digital picture frame).

Of course you can also create your own systems, creativity knows no bounds.


Meditation can help you to release your focus from wrong thoughts and to prepare you for the new goals. You can free yourselve from conditions that prevent a progress.


Physical activity can also distract you, or dissolve blockages.


Yes, even adults can play *g*. Playing is not only helpful for a distraction, the whole life is a game you can not play too much. Here everything is allowed, what brings you to other thoughts. If you have a pet, it would pleased to spend some time with you.


Your friends usually know from their own experience what to do. Forget your old programming and try something new where you have previously said no without even thinking.

Energy Centers

There are many companies that are specialized to recognize your programming, and can help you to feel better. It is always important that you feel comfortable. If you are not satisfied with a method, you should try something else. The more you do for yourself, the more appreciation you get from the outside.


If nothing can help you - because it is all useless anyway - you could try to accept this condition. Maybe it should just be as it is, then that's ok, too.