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Create With Confidence — and Better Blocks

The evolution of the block editor is packed full of features and UI improvements. Start building!

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In every game there is score, so also in the game of life.

But for what you get points, and what is your benefit, or who is at the top of the ranking?

Every success is a point. You set your goals and if you have achieved your goal, you get your points. To push out aims forever, reduces the achievable points. In this case, you still get points, but less depending on the wasted time.

Some people might not even earn one point in their life, because they got indoctrinated as a child that they should not be better than someone else. If that person becomes aware of that programming and overcomes the fear behind it, he can change his life. But there are also people who devote themselves so strongly to the target - they invest too much energy and do not accept failure - and thats why they are not able to appreciate their success.

Success makes you feel good. You have done something that you wanted to achieve and so you will be rewarded.

It may also happen that one sets to many goals that in one life it is not possible to achieve all of them. In this case, you should be aware that there are goals that make you happy. Start with a ranking system, set some important goals, and chop off the rest. (if the programs were not already started).

So now who's up in the rankings? Of course, the lucky among us, achieving their goals and program their lives the way they want. They become gods, who create their lives the way they want it - just directed by their liking. But there still no master fell from the sky, exercise is necessary, and failures must be understood. Only when a failure doesn't freeze myself for days, and I immediately focus on the objectives without a denial of the failure, one can speak of a championship on the game of life.