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"The fox is a hunter, but he also is hunted!"

This saying came to my mind in the course of time. The fox hunts and is therefore actively the creator of his life. But he also is chased by the human and becomes a victim. The human as a part of an enourmous energy field is also influenced by the energy of other creatures and feels itself depending on the situation as a victim or as a creator.

Many people just feel itself as a hunted and victim of circumstances. Assuming responsibility for the life and the circumstances means becoming a creator. The more the fact becomes clear, that you have it in the handle, the more satisfaction could enter your life. Yet, it could occur that your ego whispers other things into your ear, than your heart. If you only yield your ego, you could loose connection to the heart or the intuition.

In the course of time, it become clear to me, that the differences between the human exist only at the surface. In the core, all have similar wishes, behavior and fears. This fact not only strengthens the self awareness. You often go to verdict with yourself to hardly. Out of this circumstance we often judge others, too. At the same time we fail to see, that the apparent faults of others often belong to ourselves.

I deal with this topic for 5 years intensively and got to know many great people. The human as a mirror of the own personality shows exactly, where you stuck in programs, where you don't see anything.

Meanwhile, you can get lots of information, how to create a great life, and the wishes become reality, just so. But sometimes you can't manifest your wish in the outside world, because you are not able to make the right steps to achieve the desired results. You may know what to do, or got the right impulse, but you are not ready, right now.

It could also be, that the blockade is subconscious and you don't have access to it. Due to energy balancing or meditation you can get an idea of the obstacles. Often it is the fear, which is the trigger of the programming of the subconscious. Yet, it is necessary to identify the fear to enable an other behavior.

At this time of changes there are a lot of it, they are not only broadcasted by media, the human itself adopts the fear, gives it to others and is blocked then. The life only exists in a small, secure surrounding, new experiences are prevented. The humankind could live in harmonie and wealth, but the fear which is stoked, doesn't make rest and balance possible to the human.


This webportal should give details, how to counteract. There are not many, yet, who meet the challenge, to create a pleasant, healthy and golden life, but they become more, and all know, that the state of fear, helplessness and powerlessness should be changed with feelings like love, trust and thankfulness, then this is, what we deserve! 


I wish, that your true convenience becomes true,

Richard Reinisch


Ing. Richard Reinisch


Dipl. Fachwirt for Marketing and Management



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