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The intuition is the compass that guides you on the right path to achieve your goals.

They feed us with information that too often could not be understood from a limited point of view.

In the past I often drove the wrong way, in spite of a navigation system and a map. Because I just trusted the information I could not find places for many hours. Intuition shows you the way, and it requires nothing other than contact with your feelings. Due to the intuition I was able - without knowing where I am, and without detours - to find the restaurant where I had an appointment.

If you trust the intuition you are at the right place at the right time. This information exchange is often associated with a global consciousness (global matrix, akasha chronicles). The thought of such a field of consciousness does not seem unreasonable.

I have no intuition, what should I do?

The preoccupation with the question "what do I want right now?" encourages the perception of intuition. So you can allready practice on a small scale to listen to your intuition. For example, you go to the store and ask yourself what you would desire right now. Try not to think of other people, you must focus only on yourself, you have deserved it, buy just what you like. This can also be an ice cream that only you like, but everyone else in the family detests, then buy it anyway, even if you can not share it with anyone this time. To understand the intuition you need a healthy selfishness. If you are doing well, all others feel good too, you'll see.